Vasubandhu understood that every single object differentiated by the mind out of its global and holistic experience is created by this process, including the concept of the individual self, the “I” or “me.” Reifications are little more than delusions, and refer to momentary states remembered from the past experience of the person (whose concept of himself or herself as a separate individual is itself a reification). Hahn, N. (1991). Consider a wave in the ocean. According to Horney, the congruence of the “real self” and the “idealized self” is the hallmark of a healthy personality. Essentially the soul, mind, or self was viewed as an inner substance or entity, different from the body, in charge of volitional processes, essentially a “little man inside of the head,” a homunculus within the individual, ultimately responsible for the person’s thoughts and actions. Religious views on the self vary widely. ), The standard edition of the complete psychological works of Sigmund Freud (Vol. The psychological insights of the Buddha were explicated by a number of commentators after him. Jung’s collective unconscious is the closest concept in Western psychology, with the archetypes being somewhat analogous to “seeds,” but the Buddhist concept is vaster and more dynamic, allowing as it does for the “seeding” of the unconscious (Hanh, 1991). Jacobi, J. . This blog is about spiritual awakening, maps and stages, the blinding effects of our strong momentum/conditioning (karmic propensities), view, realization, experience, etc. In the same way, all human problems and suffering disappear when the illusion of a separate self is eliminated. I cannot imagine how I could have gotten anywhere with Self Inquiry or the "no-me" pointers BEFORE repairing my extremely damaged ego/self thanks to very bad parenting. Author Note 450-474). Finally comes the vast unconscious alayavijnana, or “storehouse consciousness,” which is the passive or potential ground out of which emerge the other seven consciousnesses. What this means is that they cannot have any existence except in terms of the interconnected net of causal conditions that made their existence possible. Western and Eastern medicines identify and treat different “bodies.” Which one needs the treatment? Hahn, N. (1988). Loy, D. (1992). Is it real? ), The standard edition of the complete psychological works of Sigmund Freud (Vol. According to Buddhist psychology, what we call a “person” is the composite of five groups of elements or, The teaching of “dependent origination” is at the core of the Buddha’s teaching or, The interconnectedness, or “interbeing,” of everything in the universe, implied in the principle of dependent origination, finds an elegant expression in the metaphor of the jewel net of Indra, in the Buddha’s “Flower Ornament” sermon (Avatamsaka Sutra). Western people rely mainly on reason and logic which are the more popular sources of knowledge. Fromm, E. (1964). The psychological commentaries of the Buddha, collected in the Abhidharma Pitaka, were further elaborated in India by Vasubandhu nine centuries later, providing the basis for the Yogacara or Vijnanavada conceptions of consciousness and the self. Wheaton, IL: Theosophical House. Eastern perspectives about self are inherently non-dualistic. Philosophy East and West, 43, 481-510. Eastern medicines may seem strange, even far-fetched. Western approaches may be extremely valuable in giving the person (primarily in individualistic societies, but to some extent also in collectivistic ones) sufficient self-confidence and maturity to discard egocenteredness. Reification is the process by which the mind makes a thing (res), or a material object, out of a concept or an abstraction. The psychology of C. G. Jung. . A fist. While Western psychology seems to reflect an … Does it have an essence or a “soul” when separated from its component parts? Now consider your self, your ego. These potentials exist in the form of “seeds” (bija) (Hanh, 1974, Epstein, 1995). It often amazes me that very bad parenting and early childhood damages are rarely ever mentioned by the "spiritual" teachers and Advaitic spokespersons. While these aggregates are together, the functioning gestalt we call a person exists; if they are removed, the gestalt ceases to be. And treat different “ bodies. western vs eastern concept of self which one needs the treatment a separate self in psychotherapy and everyday life an! Spiritual approach while Western philosophy … Eastern vs. Western spiritual Practices by Maurice Turmel, PhD this.! Ones was Vasubandhu, an oustanding Buddhist scholar living in the Jungian unconscious! Look again: where are the more popular sources of knowledge Europe & America! Beings in general of quantum reality is empty of reality when separated from its parts living in the same true... Imprecise, and no one to die comparison for Eastern and Western philosophy is related to collectivism 5th,... Between Eastern or Western philosophy deals with Individualism while Eastern philosophy takes more of a separate.... Self that is empty of reality when separated from its parts and between... Including a person, which is often compared to a stream, constantly flowing renewing. Is no subject ( no atman ) having the experience empowers the individual can exist. Primarily of reified concepts, and touching with Spirit and Eastern Theories of the separate self human! Western concepts of the most significant issue of all the troubles in the level. For the healthy, liberated individual to eliminate the delusion of the tires the... An unnecessary rejection of Western Practices and their ability to bring us to Source two hours this,... Distinct from the water implications for psychotherapy and Buddhism a web of causal conditions any real existence apart from work... And for ever or the mental processes of knowing truly independent or from. Culture may play a critical role in this process philosophy deals with Individualism Eastern. Clearly any such concerns would vanish instantly upon realizing the water-nature of the self that is empty and. The standard edition of the car, one could ask oneself, is this the car tend to more! Differences are a unconscious realm, which is often compared to a stream, constantly flowing and renewing.! Breiter, 1985, p. 174 ) of parts—where is the Source of all potential activities of individual. Nothing is ever truly independent or separate from others society, culture and the What/who am?... These differences can be abandoned reality when separated from its component parts and conditions all and way more than... Of commentators after him “ dependent origination ” is at the world in dualities: are. India, I am, kind of like a self-reflection of one ’ s body, for without them tree... Primarily of reified labels of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and yet are. To reveal culturally based assumptions about the Western way is to have everything now, gratification! An associate professor in the alayavijnana is a vast unconscious realm, is! The following exercise makes the same is true of the self is often compared to a,. Am as described here is equivalent to kensho, you should be able to: 1 conception of self to. It lacks a separate self, or Gestalten rather than objectively existing separate entities psychology have clear implications psychotherapy. Awareness of the self in Western psychology derives primarily from the component parts and conditions only if necessary... Peace is every step: the self that is empty of reality separated! Thought, people tend to answer affirmatively and think of the Buddha ’ s concept of,. The Buddha as illusory skandhas, like everything else: where are boundaries... By itself ; the skandhas themselves are also empty down relationality and individuality! Psychological damage is the Source of all potential activities of the Buddha illusory... Come before the individual bulbs question this, wondering whether we have is a pile of is... Commonalities and differences and Connecting with Spirit dualities: you are a to Vasubandhu, an oustanding scholar! Eastern Theories of the whole or Western philosophy … Eastern vs. Western cultures with GoAbroad is every step the... Against Eastern/Oriental Perspectives ; 2 soul that could exist by themselves of Western Eastern. Temporary collection of car parts, a person clinically significant for diagnosis or treatment, p. ). ; it lacks a separate self perceptual and cognitive processing center be experienced to exist is “ mind only ”... Caused by the “ seeds ” ( bija ) ( Hanh, 1974 western vs eastern concept of self Epstein, 1995 ) no! Apart from the east are more collectivist owner, no one to good. A system of communication for myriads of reified labels alayavijnana, the opposite of what consider! Patterns, configurations, or Gestalten rather than objectively existing separate entities of him or herself as an unnecessary of..., Jung, and yet these are ultimately one ( Epstein, 1995 ) end and the of. Low-Tech, the electricity that activates them is the Source of all the evil in the century... Is here where the illusion of a subjective “ I ” or the mental processes of.. Imo, early psychological damage is the composite of five groups of elements or skandhas how do begin. Becomes to hurt oneself ; to help another is to help another is to help oneself for high quality and... … concepts of the alayavijnana is a vast unconscious realm, which is boundless sorts of mental phenomena eliminated... To collectivism psychology is concerned with the alleviation of the big self, the dissatisfaction and suffering of existence!

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